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Graduated in Journalism (Federal University of Goiás, Brazil 2009). Experience in advanced Linux adminsitration, Social Communication, jornalism, audio/video production and information sciences. Master in communication, information and new media (University of Coimbra, Portugal 2012). Network Engineer with experience in wireless broadband and mobility (Motorola/Cambium/AT&T).

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An online ambient to discuss and develop the WebTV guide "WebTV: From the Ideology to the Construction". This guide was made by Katiéllen Bonfanti and Pedro Ivo Freire Vieira, Journalists and members of the laboratorial project Magnifica Mundi.

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The InÚtil

An experimental, critic and poetic journal.

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Lead Generator

An automatic Lead generator. Developed to help young journalism students to understand the news structure text.

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Bachelor Thesis: "WebTV: from the ideology to construction"

How and why to run a WebTV project? This is the theme of our work. Why talk about it after all? During our journalistic training we can go through different paths. Photo editing and printed newspaper layout; radio reports; implementation of journalism broadcast, or even a brief through the shady paths of the scientific journalism. During this whole trajectory, an extension project in particular is focused: the Magnifica Mundi's WebTV.

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Book Chapter: "Symbolic battles from squares and wars in cyberspace: time for a shared communication"

Abstract: New areas of conflict into question the conventional practices of communication in cyberspace. At the same time, the freedom offered by the large network is threatened so that new technologies are also taking on a dubious role of informational and control the proliferation of alternative social actors communicating. The boundaries between the practices of the media and the wars in the informational field mix, given shape, form and name: the threat of cyber espionage and governmental communication practices shared are part of the struggle waged between the social actors within the common area of large network. The war and open rebellion as well.

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Master Thesis: "Information and communication technologies and journalistic investigation: the Wikileaks case"

Abstract: In this study, the social contexts of information and communication technologies in the field of investigative journalism was analysed. The goal was to understand how new communication technologies affect investigative journalism, examining the creation of Wikileaks and the real political and technical background of the process of obtaining and publishing information through this particular organization. The historical approach is regarding the political and technical phenomena of humanity which became the key elements in this master thesis. The methodology used in this study was based on bibliographic research, creating a historical perspective of investigative journalism and changes on communication processes over the years. As following, an analysis of the institutional discourse of the organization Wikileaks was performed, using the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software - SEOQuake. The analysis starts from the interpretation of statements made by Wikileaks that the organization has created a new model of investigative journalism which does not rely on a market logic but stands on the explanation of the objective truth in a distributed model, scarcely used in journalism in the past. It was concluded, that on the contrary to what Wikileaks claimed, the organization did not create a new model of journalism, but started a process that probably encouraged changes which may be significant for the whole field of journalism in the future. Wikileaks is the result of a traditional journalistic leak arising in the United States in 1870 (muckraking) as the truth from the perspective of Wikileaks has a strong political meaning where the rhetoric of the professional journalist is excluded to bring the added value of public interpretation of the information sources. Additionally, it had been concluded that the use of technology like the Internet has anebled the raise of “power networks” which are confronting with each other for the legitimate exercise of their autonomy. For the analysed subject – the Wikileaks, the clarification of truth is one of the key points for this autonomy.

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Video Production and Voice-over artist

TV Cambury

Avisa que esse santo aí vai chegando


Nós, João

Sempre Sofia

Porque Mudar de Rumo?

That Boy Needs Therapy

Bite 2014!

My Sunday Feeling

VideoFlot (voice-over)

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